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Showing 1–24 of 91 results

More About MTG White Cards

White puts value in the group, the community, and its civilization as a whole. White believes that suffering is a by-product of individuals not prioritizing the good of the group. White’s ultimate goal is peace—a world where there is no unnecessary suffering; a world where life is as good as it can be for each individual; a world where everyone gets along and no one seeks to disturb the bonds of unity that White has worked so long to forge. To govern and protect its community, White makes use of and puts value in a number of broad concepts: morality (ethics, grace, truth), order (law, discipline, duty), uniformity (conformity, religion), and structure (government, planning, reason). More than every other color, White believes there is clear good and evil in the world and it is not too hard to distinguish them.

White is a color commonly associated with fairness and justice but, if left unchecked or if everyone is not working toward the same unified goal, White can become totalitarian, inflexible, and capable of sacrificing a small group for the sake of a larger one: everything necessary to preserve the laws, rules, and governance that White has created. White is able to convince people to work together in a way no other color can, but White must be ever vigilant that it does not become the very evil it hopes to eradicate from the world. Withal, White is stereotyped as being the “vanilla” or boring color, yet each White character or society embodies but one iteration of a panoply of conflicting political and economic views about the best way to pragmatically actualize White’s ideals; the struggle within and between White characters and societies to uphold their own interpretations of White’s principles is what makes the color so interesting. What all White beings have in common is a belief in the power of social organization and in the common good.

White has an ally in Green, which appreciates White’s defense of life and tradition, and in Blue, which understands White’s need for science and progress. However, Red’s belief in anarchy and freedom puts it at odds with White’s goal of supporting institutions, and White’s altruism puts it directly at odds with Black’s egoism.

Common Mechanics
Damage prevention and life gain
Total protection
Small creatures (Weenies)
Rules-setting and “Taxing”
Artifact and enchantment destruction
Balance and uniformity
Combat superiority
Total defense