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Showing 97–120 of 126 results

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To Black, the only measure of right and wrong should be whether or not an approach leads to success: amorality, rather than morality or immorality. Unnecessary suffering in Black’s view is the result of a counterproductive approach, yet in different circumstances the same approach could be the right one. Black understands the value of selfishness, so it is open to opportunities and strategies rejected by others as taboo or forbidden—undeath, torment, infection, betrayal. Black characters will ensure their own well-being even at the expense of others; to Black, anything less only allows others to do the same. Thus, Black does everything possible to gain the only commodity that can secure it from weakness and ensure its ability to get whatever it needs or wants—power, even omnipotence. The only thing Black values more than its own life is its own will, as it sees the self as that which is most precious to all beings.

Black’s selfishness and lack of ethical restraint can result in tragedy if misapplied, but Black is not inherently evil: egoism and pragmatic ambition are the source of much good in the world, especially when coupled with self-growth, and are the basis of individual rights. Unfortunately, the association of Black with villains and anti-heroes masks the other colors’ potential for tremendous evil (a misconception that their own villains and anti-heroes gleefully abuse), yet Black’s heroes often reach the highest pinnacles of self-actualization and personal growth out of all heroes: Black’s virtues, including self-love, self-reliance, and willingness to face the ugly side of things, are all great seeds of heroic potential. Black has a very cynical world-view, and its core philosophy is that of self-determination and release from society’s imposed limitations, so when things truly go awry, a Black hero capable of waking people up to reality is exactly what the world needs. This is because, beneath its wall of cynicism, Black is the color that most believes that it can change fate against the most impossible odds—even if it must stand alone.

Black has an ally in Blue, as it appreciates its subtlety and use of cold logic. Black is also allied with Red, respecting its desire to do things on its own terms. However, Black’s disregard for other members of the group, spirituality/religion, and the sanctity of life oppose it to Green and White. This is ironic in Green’s case, as Black and Green agree that each alone is merely surviving and adapting to the world as it is: they just disagree upon what “the world as it is” is.

Creature destruction
Culling the weak
Cloak & dagger
Card advantage
Faustian Bargain