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Red Cards

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Showing 1–24 of 61 results

More About MTG Red Cards

Above all else, Red values freedom. It wants to do what it wants when it wants, and to whom it wants, and nobody can tell it otherwise. In summary, Red thinks that all you have to do is listen to your heart and simply act accordingly, letting your emotions guide you. Red loves life much more than any other color and so it believes that all people must live it to the fullest. Red believes that life is an adventure and that it would be much more fun if everyone stopped caring about rules, laws, and personal appearances and just spent their time indulging their desires through experience. Red doesn’t live its life questioning the choices it has made and lives in the moment; Red is spontaneous and embraces every adventure put before it. Red is often charismatic, even as its antics upturn the established order.

Red is the color of immediate action and immediate gratification. If it wants something, it will act on its impulses and take it, regardless of the consequences. On the other hand, Red may also seek to make amends: Red embraces relationships and knows passion and loyalty and camaraderie and lust. When Red bonds with another, it bonds strongly and fiercely. To outsiders, Red might seem a bit chaotic; that’s only because others can’t see what’s in Red’s heart. Red tendencies differ greatly: they may exist anywhere on the spectrum between loving empathy and vile hate, plus everything in-between. In general, Red sees the concept of external order of any kind as pointlessly inhibiting, believing that only by embracing anarchy can everyone really be free to enjoy life to the maximum with no regrets.

Red gets along well with Green, which understands the value of listening to one’s inner voice, and Black, which agrees with Red’s lack of adherence to social norms. But Red does not get along with White, which regards Red’s quest for ultimate freedom as a threat to civilization, nor with Blue, which sees Red’s brand of creativity as extremely destructive rather than productive. Red, for its part, feels that White and Blue strip people of what makes them unique.

Common Mechanics
Direct damage
Artifact and land destruction
Aggressive creatures
Martial superiority
Gambits and short-term mana acceleration