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Showing 1–24 of 130 results

More About MTG Green Cards

Green loves the world just the way it is. This is because Green is convinced that nature has gotten everything right fundamentally and that it merely needs to be allowed the time and opportunity to develop its growth into further perfection. Green tries to coexist with the ecosystem instead of trying to change it, regulate it, norm it, or take advantage of it. As such, Green is the color of nature and interdependence. It believes that the truth of sentient beings is grounded in the natural order: a thing of beauty that has all the answers to life’s problems as long as one listens closely enough to hear them. Green thinks that obeying our instincts is the best way to exist: that we, as part of the ecosystem, have a responsibility to protect it and honor our natural selves. Wherever nature is lost, so are the available answers to us in the struggle to survive; so what affects one part of the ecosystem affects every part.

Green favors a simplistic way of living: being in harmony and communion with the natural world. This can lead to it being perceived as a pacifistic color, as it prefers to avoid extraneous conflict. Yet it is fierce when threatened and can be predatory and aggressive if its instincts dictate, and it may embrace change in the service of expanding nature and its cause. Green believes individuals are each born with a purpose: imprinted in their genes and interconnected with the physical and spiritual worlds. As everyone is born with unique roles, people’s goal is to find what theirs are and do what they are destined to do. Each thread is woven into the web of life: we are not alone, but part of a complex system of inter-dependency. Green truly believes that every individual organism is part of this bigger picture—nature, the tapestry of life, fate, and destiny—but that individuals may get too caught up in the details to see it.

White and Red understand Green’s desire to protect nature better than the other colors, being representative of its order and freedom respectively, so this forms the basis of their alliance with Green. On the other hand, in Green’s view Black’s liberal use of death, and of undeath, is a violation of the cycle of life and a rejection of Black’s role in the grand scheme, causing them to be enemies. Finally, Green regards technology as both a frequent threat to nature and an often hubristic attempt to replace the natural order with an artificial one; Green, therefore, comes into conflict with Blue which seeks to actively reshape and improve the world by means of technology.

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