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Showing 73–96 of 133 results

More About MTG Blue Cards

Blue is the color that wants perfection and looks at the world and sees opportunities to achieve that: figuring out what one could achieve with the right education, experience, and tools. For Blue, life is constant discovery as one keeps seeking to better oneself. This requires one to be open to possibilities, but to also not be too hasty to act. Blue is methodical and exact and recognizes that there are many forces, even some that come from within, that lead an individual astray: better to think one’s options out carefully and select correctly than to rush. Consequently Blue is, at times, excessively patient in the face of adversaries, but Blue regards this as a virtue rather than a vice.

Implicit in its world-view, blue believes in tabula rasa: every one of us is born a blank slate with the potential to become anything; one need only understand the how to make the change. Blue then reasons that if it is to make itself better, it must acquire the knowledge necessary to become capable of everything it could be capable of: to discern the potential for any conscious action. Conceiving itself capable of changing anything if it both understands the change and knows how to achieve every capability it could have, Blue concludes that it must also control change itself. As such, Blue is the color most interested in technology and wants the latest and greatest version of whatever it is using. Moreover, Blue believes in logic, as it is the only tool that Blue regards as being truly objective: Blue has little use for sentimentality. Beyond its devotion to logic and direction of change, blue seeks to understand everything; for truly, comprehension can only improve one’s effectiveness in any task. Since acquiring knowledge will inform every other decision, blue thusly forms its ultimate goal: omniscience, the knowledge of all.

Blue is allied with White, which shares its desire to promote civilization, and Black, which shares its value of individualistic self-improvement. Blue is opposed to Green, which it regards as savage and afraid of progress, and Red, which it regards as insane and destructive to itself and everything else.

Common Mechanics
Card draw
“Return to hand”
Tapping and untapping permanents
Gain control (“Stealing”) effects
Trickery tactics
Combat trickery
Reality changing